Braai a Better Burger

Here’s your 4-step formula to braaing better burgers Everyone has a signature burger these days, but the flourishes often come at the expense of flavour. Don’t complicate your burgers with elaborate toppings. Instead, focus on the meat to boost your burgers to best-ever status. The key is to add flavour and texture to the patty […]

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Grill-Cleaning Brushes Could Send You to the ER

Sure onions can make you cry, but those grill-cleaning brushes could just kill you… Wires bristles from grill-cleaning brushes can shed, embed in food, get swallowed, and send you to the emergency room. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report describes six cases where people ended up tin the ER between March 2011 and June 2012 […]

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Ultimate Fish Braai Recipe

‘This is by far my favourite fish braai recipe as it is tried and trusted, impressive and virtually flop proof. It is also incredibly versatile.’ Kayo McGregor, winner of the Men’s Health Masterclass. Ingredients Yellowtail (or any other firm, gamey, seasonal fish) Basil Pesto Olive Oil Cherry Tomatoes Red Onion Feta Black Pepper Foil Method […]

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Your Best Braai: Mackerel

The protein A study at a university hospital in Spain revealed that mackerel-eaters’ arteries were more relaxed and open, facilitated better blood flow, plus their blood showed higher levels of anti-clotting factors associated with reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes. Get your mackerel in the freezer section of your local Asian shop. The line-up […]

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Build your Signature Cocktail

Classic drinks contain just a few basic elements, learn principles of mixology, and craft your own. A. Choose your base spirit Start by picking a foundation liquor, adding 43g to 85g to your mixing glass. (Never build your cocktail over ice – you’ll end up with an overly diluted drink.) As you pour, give your […]

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Host the Ultimate House Party

There was a time when picking up a six-pack and a couple of pizzas was enough to call yourself the host. Don’t get us wrong, we love pizza and beer, but when it’s more than just the guys from poker night, you should step it up a notch. Over the next few pages we’ll show […]

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