Be a Burger King

Burger Cooking Tips

> When making your own burgers, always use top quality beef, preferably minced or chopped by your own hand. This will ensure that you don’t use “mechanically extracted” meat of dubious origin. Otherwise, get your butcher to mince you some rump steak. Top American chef Thomas Keller recommends a combination of beef sirloin, brisket and chuck minced together for the right balance of flavour and fat content.

> Don’t overwork the mince.

> Once you’ve shaped your patties, leave them in the fridge for as long as possible (overnight if possible). If you’re going to use salt and pepper, only do so just before the burgers go on the grill.

> Make sure the burgers go into a hot skillet or on to a very hot braai grid – otherwise the patties will stick and your burger will disintegrate.

> A sandwich is only as good as its bread – so only use the best buns for your burger. Toast the halves before you assemble your burger for extra crispness.

> For a leaner, healthier burger use ostrich mince, which has zero cholesterol and less than two percent fat. Be careful when using ostrich mince, though: if it’s cooked more than medium rare it has a tendency to be dry and tasteless.